Care and Wear Disclaimer

Please take care of your Clara Lifestyle handmade jewelry, treat them with care and they will last for years. We love you wearing your pieces as often as possible, and with the love from wear and tear they can get dirty.


Our pieces of jewelry are delicate and are not made to be worn during sports and activities such as cleaning and gardening. We don’t recommend wearing jewelry in water, especially chlorinated pools and hot tubs. Be sure to remove your pieces before sleeping and when applying cosmetics, perfumes, sprays, creams and oils. 


Cleaning is simple and easy. 

  • 14k Gold Filled: In a bowl combine a few drops of mild dish-washing soap with warm water. Let your jewelry soak in this mixture for about 15 minutes. If you want to get into fine areas of your piece, gently take a soft bristle toothbrush to it. Rinse off with warm water and pat dry. If you want to give your piece an extra shine it can be done with a polishing cloth.


We recommend storing each of your jewels separately to avoid scratches. To avoid tangling your necklaces and bracelets, close the plastic bag over the end of the chain and let the end dangle out slightly. Be sure to keep your jewelry away from extreme heat or moisture.