About the Founder

Robyn Clark is the Founder and Designer behind Clara Lifestyle. Driven by the yearning to create a more meaningful life and positively impact the lives of others, Robyn aspired to create a brand which would empower women while bringing them memories they would cherish forever. In the summer of 2018, Robyn woke up from a dream at 3am one morning with the name Clara Lifestyle and the vision of the brand and understated, subtle jewelry pieces she would design and curate for women like herself.  

Robyn soon left her career to jump wholeheartedly into bringing to life that which she had envisioned, a beautifully understated, free-spirited jewelry collection with which women could resonate. 

Growing up in South Africa and later Spain and Portugal, Robyn’s passion for creating beauty in the world around her was born. Inspired by the wild natural beaches of her home country (South Africa) and the cobbled streets and picturesque quaintness of Europe, Robyn’s designs have always been about creating understated, delicately subtle, beautiful pieces which serve as a daily reminder of the little moments of beauty in everyday life.

The name Clara which means bright and clear was inspired by Robyn’s time living in Spain, where one of the first things she fell in love with were the “Fuentes Claras” (Clear Fountains) which could be found all around the town she was living in. Ever since she has always had beautiful, gentle associations with the name Clara.

Photo: Kevin Chow @Kevin.is.shooting


Thank you to two incredibly talented photographers who helped capture the essence of Clara Lifestyle. In studio photos taken by Bruna from Simply Lace Photography and outdoor photos taken by Kevin from @kevin.is.shooting.