Robyn's collection represents moments you will cherish forever. Moments of wonderful abandon for the woman drawn to unrestricted and boundless spaces. For the free-spirited bohemian beauty who is passionate and captivating in her ethereal nonchalance. They resonate with something inside of you. They become part of your story.  

The Beginning

It was with wonderfully reckless abandon that Clara Lifestyle was born. Driven by the yearning to create a more meaningful life and positively impact the lives of others, Robyn aspired to create a business which would empower women while bringing them memories they will cherish forever.

The name Clara Lifestyle resonated with something inside of her and from there things moved pretty quickly. Robyn soon left her career to jump wholeheartedly into bringing to life that which she had envisioned, a beautifully timeless, free-spirited yet sophisticated collection with which women can resonate. Robyn's collection is a blend of pieces designed by her in Toronto, as well as a few ethically sourced and carefully curated standard pieces. Her pieces are beautifully subtle and timeless, inspired by the little moments of beauty in everyday life.

Navigating through the launch of this endeavor has been exhilarating. Robyn's mission from the start was to create and run a compassionate, socially responsible and ethical business. This means that she is committed to sourcing sustainable freshwater pearls as well as sustainable packaging. She also makes a donation for every purchase to Camfed, a charity which invests in girls education. To read more click here. 

Photo: Kevin Chow @Kevin.is.shooting


Thank you to two incredibly talented photographers who helped capture the essence of Clara Lifestyle. In studio photos taken by Bruna from Simply Lace Photography and outdoor photos taken by Kevin from @kevin.is.shooting.