About Clara Lifestyle

Clara Lifestyle was founded in 2017 by Robyn Clark in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.
Robyn was inspired to create pieces she was looking for herself - effortless everyday jewelry you can wear all day, everyday. And so Clara Lifestyle was born. 
Clara Lifestyle's jewelry designs are effortless and meaningful, perfect for conscious consumers who value quality and simplicity. Our jewelry pieces are handmade to order at Robyn's home studio in Canada (with a select number of pieces being carefully curated), and each piece is meaningful to you and your story. 

Robyn believes' that less is more, and so her designs are simple and subtle. They are made for everyday wear, and are all hypoallergenic and non-tarnishing. They are versatile designs you will LOVE and will become your go-to pieces for everyday and special occasions.
Clara Lifestyle believes' in giving back, and so every purchase supports girls education. To date, we have sponsored 21 Girls' through a year of education each thanks to your support.