A Whole New Dimension

I was beyond excited to work with Kevin from Chowfoto  for a second time this summer, and you only have to take a glimpse at his portfolio to understand why! Not only is he an incredibly talented fashion photographer whose work I have long admired, but his relaxed and friendly nature puts even me at ease in front of the camera. 

We decided to shoot at HarbourFront Centre, downtown Toronto as I love being close to the water and this seemed like the perfect location to capture the dresses from our collection. On arrival, Kevin scouted out the best spots and we immersed ourselves into bringing the dresses to life.

A few days later I received the gallery from Kevin and was overwhelmed at how well he had captured a whole new side of Clara Lifestyle. Kevin effortlessly captured that which our collection is here to empower women to do - to embrace those vulnerable, gentle and tender sides of themselves knowing that they are simultaneously strong and powerful and capable. 

Thank you again to Kevin for being so much fun to work with while being  incredibly professional at the same time! Thank you for adding a whole new dimension to Clara Lifestyle, and I look forward to working on future shoots together!